Hooray for New Sewing Projects!

Heather Bailey has a free pattern on her website for headbands that I’ve wanted to make for awhile. I whipped one up really quickly on Friday since I picked up some elastic while out picking up some fabric for a Amy Butler Kimberly Purse that I’m going to make for a coworker. It was an easy little pattern to sew, it would be great to give as quick little gifts for friends!

Hooray for Headbands

Hooray for Headbands

I also have been wanting to make the Hobo Bag from Diana Rupp’s Sew Everything Workshop book. So I did on Friday while I was washing the fabric for another project! It was a super easy bag to sew with a great method for simply installing a zipper. I was pretty happy with the shape of the purse for such a little effort!

Hobo Bag

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