A month of celebrations. And sewing.

May is definitely the month of celebrations. I have 8 birthdays on my calendar, our anniversary, mother’s day, plenty of weddings, and not to mention all of the graduations (from college and since we work with high school students, tons of high school graduations!). I’m trying really hard not to spend money right now since well, we’re about to have a baby, so I’ve been turning to my overflowing sewing stash to get me through this month of celebration (and if you haven’t received a gift, and it was your birthday, my apologies – it’s difficult to get to everyone!).

Most recently, I’ve whipped up a little jumper from Amy Butler’s Little Stitches for my friend’s daughter who turned one this past weekend. I’m really hoping that it will fit since I just went by the sizing in the book that said 12 months! It looks nice and summery, doesn’t it? I really enjoyed sewing this and it came together so quickly! Little people clothes are dang fun to make. . . too bad making dresses and skirts for little girls are kinda more fun (and probably easier) than making little boy clothes. This was also my first time to use my automatic buttonhole stitch on my machine. Amazing, I tell you. So simple! I’m going to be putting buttons on everything now. . . . I just need to get more buttons because all the buttons I have don’t match. Heh. (The picture on the left is the front, and the picture on the right is the back, although I don’t see why you couldn’t wear either side as the front. . . )

And for a birthday gift for a friend this weekend, I made the Buttercup Bag from a free pattern by Made by Rae. It came together in a matter of about an hour and a half! Very very fun to sew and see the results so quickly. It is a fairly small bag so I think the thickness works alright as it is but if I made it again, I think I would use heavier weight fabric or some iron on interfacing to give it a little more weight. It would also be fun to size the pattern up and make a larger style of this same bag. . . Hmmm . . . I might have another project for one of the other birthdays I know that are coming up . . . 🙂

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