I almost feel like this should be called Toddler Tuesday or something. . . I just know that I won’t be able to keep that up, so, toddler fun it is! I’m still trying to keep some fresh activities around for my little Jude monkey. A couple times at the grocery store, Jude has snatched my wallet out of my hands and started pulling out all the cards. It’s a little frustrating at the store, but I came up with a good idea when I got a new wallet. Instead of giving away my old wallet, I filled it with business cards and other cards that I don’t need. Jude loves to pull the cards out and put them back in! And of course, the snap on the outside of the wallet is quite fun for him too.

Playing with a Wallet

We have several sets of these wooden beads and they used to frustrate Jude but just recently he figured out how to thread the beads! Now he loves this activity.

Threading Wooden Beads

I have a strict ‘no inappropriate bath photos’ policy on this blog so I’m just going to show you the item we used! We did some bath time finger painting by taking a couple tablespoons on shampoo, a drizzle of water and a drop of food coloring and whipping it until it was incredible thick. I stuck Jude in the bathtub with this mixture thinking he would just adore spreading this foam everywhere. Turns out, he wanted to eat it. Then he would get mad that it didn’t taste as good as he wanted! So sadly, this activity was a fail for us!

Soap Paint

But this activity, oh it was hilarious! I have a couple packet of jell-o in our pantry so I made a small batch of jigglers (much jello to little water). Pulled it out, gave Jude some cookie cutters and he went to town! He kept poking the jell-o and cracking up! I showed him that it tasted good and he tried to take a bite, but he immediately spit it out! Turns out gelatin is not a texture he likes, regardless of how sweet it is. I’m sure we’ll do this activity again, but I might just use gelatin, water and food coloring so that it’s not as much of a sticky mess!

Jello Explorations

If you’re a mama, what have you been doing with your little people to keep them entertained lately?

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