Oh pinterest – you keep me trying new things! Lately it has put me on a smoothie kick.

In the interest of finding quick breakfasts that are hearty, healthy and homemade, I decided to try out this oatmeal smoothie that I found here. I figured the oatmeal would make it a bit more hearty that a typical smoothie and it was. I drank it for breakfast one morning and it kept me full until lunch. And look how gorgeous this color is:

berry oatmeal smoothie

And of course, whenever I see something on pinterest that has nutella in it, it gets pinned on my nutella board (because nutella does indeed make the world go round). Nothing was different when I saw this nutella milkshake that I found here. Surprisingly, this milkshake was decently healthy! Banana, milk, ice and a tablespoon of nutella. Not bad to get a chocolate fix!

nutella shake

This one is going to weird a lot of you out. An avocado smoothie. A friend from Brazil introduced me to the concept of eating avocados in a sweet context and I actually enjoyed it! I had an avocado that was heading south on my counter and I decided to use it in our afternoon snack. Jude LOVED it. And so did I.

avocado shake

What’s your favorite smoothie combo?

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  1. renee says:

    i must start searching for smoothies on pinterest! yum!!

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