Pinterest to my food inspiration once more! Fried goat cheese found here. I tossed the herb garden salad mix with some pomegranate vinaigrette, tossed in some fresh strawberries and toasted pecans. Quite the delicious lunch. And beautiful too!

fried goat cheese salad

And sometimes I just don’t want to make a cake from scratch. And so I don’t. I doctor a cake mix. In this particular instance, I had a Paula Deen cake mix that I got for pennies on clearance that I doctored. Sour cream and extra eggs make it divine. Doctoring recipe can be found here. I also had a box of instant pumpkin spice pudding in my pantry. Also found on clearance. Seeing a theme here? I mixed it to ‘pie filling’ consistency and spooned it into the middle of the hollowed out cupcakes. And then I made buttercream frosting from scratch. The best frosting I have ever made and it’s from my favorite cookbook of all time, seriously, it’s never failed me – the New Best Recipe¬†– put it on your Christmas wish list. And flavored it with pumpkin pie seasoning and maple syrup. Not bad for a box mix cake, right?

pumpkin pie filled, maple cinnamon frosting topped, cupcakes


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