We still eat pretty well around here, although with my increased busy-ness, I am not quite as quick to try new recipes. Thankfully pinterest keeps me inspired to try new dishes. . . Want to know what we’ve been eating most recently?

This was a surprise favorite, sautéed chicken with warm bacon vinigrette was so tasty, Jason and I wolfed our portions down and then ate the leftovers. Something about maple syrup and dijon mustard in a dressing makes things irresistible!

Spinach Salad with Chicken and Warm Bacon Vinigrette

And sometimes, I just turn to pinterest to make a hodge-podge dinner based on what’s in the house that needs to be eaten. One night, we had avocado fries, mock chick-fil-a nuggets, sweet potato rolls, and the best brussel sprouts ever (not from pinterest, but they should be!). The nuggets were just ok, in my opinion. Not really something worth repeating when you can have panko crusted chicken instead. The avocado fries were super yummy and the brussel sprouts were awesome. So awesome that I finished them long before the other items on my plate. You won’t be disappointed if you try them.

a pinterest dinner

For the superbowl, I made the Pioneer Woman’s spicy whiskey BBQ sliders and they are simple but so good. So good. And they get better as leftovers.

Spicy Whiskey BBQ Sliders

Lately, I have been having this green monster spinach smoothie for breakfast. Spinach and peanut butter turn out to be a really good combo. Drinking four cups of raw spinach each day can’t be bad for me, right? Especially when it tastes so good!

Spinach smoothie

More recipes to come tomorrow, so stay tuned! And let me know what has been inspiring you on pinterest (or elsewhere)!


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  1. Chalyce says:

    I appreciate your blog SOOOOO much =) Just added 4 new recipes to try! Thanks for sharing these glimpses of your life.

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