On to precise curves starting with a block that is incredibly versatile, the drunkards path block. I first learned about this block from Jenn and Amanda at one of our sewing retreats.

I wasn’t feeling super inspired when I was picking out the fabrics, so eh, they’re just ok. But it’s a big learning project more than something I would use a bunch. The class showed us two ways to complete this block, one with pins (left four) and one without (right four):


Sadly, my results were much more consistent and less warped using the pin method. I think I have a tendency to tug and stretch if I don’t use pins but it’s so much slower! Oh well, sacrifice time for precision, I guess. Hopefully this is one of those things that I’ll improve on over time.


These will be pot holders in the end, but I couldn’t resist playing around with some different formats. I love all of the different things you can do with this block. Like this, oh my!


I’m certainly feeling better about these precise curves and can’t wait for the next couple of projects – they are so cute!


This week’s stats:
Completed projects – 1 (rainbow road quilt)
New projects – 1 (drunkard’s path blocks)
Currently in progress – 1

What’s on your WIP list this week? Head over to Freshly Pieced WIP Wednesday to link up and see what everyone else is working on!

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3 Responses to WIP Wednesday

  1. Simone R. says:

    Good on you for giving these a go. I like the colors you chose.I see these make up the retro flower block that is very popular right now. Maybe you’ll catch the bug for them too!

  2. Nicole says:

    You are so right! Drunkard’s path is so versatile. Have fun playing around with the arrangement!

  3. Jennifer says:

    Drunkard’s Path blocks are so much fun! Yours look great!

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