I love pinterest. Especially when it reveals food beauties like this one. A giant reese’s peanut butter cup sounds delicious enough and then you realize that it’s a salted, dark chocolate, giant reese’s peanut butter. Holy dang. Salt + Chocolate = happy place.

Note to everyone else – silicon tart pans? No good. Use a removable bottom tart pan. Otherwise you will end up like I did – unable to take the tart out of the pan. The crust is very tender, which tastes delicious but it’s not very transferable. Oh well – it didn’t end up mattering because it was devoured right out of it’s silicon home. It was so. Good. So good. It was rich and delicious – a tiny sliver was all your needed to get your fix. Or maybe two tiny slivers.

The only complaint I have is that this recipe took forever – you have to cool each component at each step. You make the crust. Chill it for a long time. Roll the crust out in the tart pan. Chill it again. Bake it. Chill it. Fill it with the filling. Chill it. Top with ganache. Chill it. But it’s worth it. Just set aside a fair amount of time to complete it!

Salted, dark chocolate, giant peanut butter cup

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