I saw a couple of my friends pin this pin on pinterest to redo a folding chair (love the color and fabric she picked!) and I was amazed. And I had to do it. We already had this old folding chair that was sitting outside – likely destined for Goodwill but uh, we need some serious seating in our new living room.

Folding Chair Redo

We are waiting on a chair and a sofa to arrive at our house, so currently we have one chair and a folding/collapsable chair to sit on. This pin made me realize I could quickly add one more seat to our living room! I quickly went out and bought two cans of yellow spray paint.

Better already, right? The cushions came over very easy – just a couple screws. I decided, for maximum color impact, I was going to leave the top cushion off. The little holes just add character, right?

Folding Chair Redo

I had a black and white stripe fabric in my stash (shocker, right?) and just simply stapled the new fabric over the existing cushion that I had removed earlier.

I LOVE the result. It cost a total of about $8. Totally worth it.

Folding Chair Redo

A quirky and bright little burst of functional color for our living room.

Folding Chair Redo

Not a bad redo for an hour of time and $8!



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9 Responses to Folding Chair Redo

  1. Jason says:

    I wonder why manufacturers don’t just make decent looking folding chairs to begin with. Seriously, have you ever seen one that isn’t ugly?

  2. jesse leigh says:

    love it! what is i love most is that is it simple and quick. those are my favorite DIY attributes at the moment 😀 plus i have a folding chair just like this which i will now promptly redo and send you pictures! thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Jenny Smith says:

    Hooray! Lovely result. Hey, so, did you end up using ALL of 2 cans of spray paint for the single chair? I am about to get started on my dining room chairs in the same way, but am indecisive on whether to buy cans of paint or try to get through the project with spray paint.

  4. Maryann says:

    OMG! And I thought I was the only one sitting on lawn chairs while waiting for my new furniture to be delivered! I feel sooo much better now!

  5. […] chair redo By Elizabeth On October 6, 2012 · Add Comment · In Crafts I did another chair redo for a friend of mine with the same striped fabric but the chair in turquoise this time. […]

  6. Christine says:

    It looks awesome!!

  7. KS says:

    How many yards do you think for 8 chairs?

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