Is bubble/boba tea something that everyone knows about? I feel like it’s something I grew up with due to a highly concentrated Asian population in my surrounding neighborhoods. I love it – the chewy pearls of tapioca at the bottom, the endless variation of teas, smoothies and fruit juices, it’s just delicious. But much like coffee, if you drink it at the shops the dollars add up and you end up with a pricey habit. Unlike coffee, cooking tapioca pearls is not common practice.

Tapioca pearls. Yeah. I impulse purchased these from my local HEB one day with no idea how to cook them, only that I really wanted some bubble tea. Which lead me to buying the bubble tea straws. . . because honestly, how else can you drink up the giant tapioca pearls (also good for really thick smoothies)?


I had pinned a couple of  bubble tea pins awhile back but after a quick revisit, they did not have sufficient information on how to cook the tapioca pearls. Pinterest, you failed me there. Google, on the other hand, did not. I quickly found this recipe for bubble tea and pinned it to get the good info circulating on pinterest.  What resulted was incredible.

bubble tea

This variation is made with strong Earl Grey tea (because I have an over abundance in my tea stash), half and half and simple syrup. Delicious. The variations on this are endless – the pearls are good in smoothies, green tea, matcha tea, fruit juice – you can use dairy or non dairy creamer . . . or in my near future, sweetened condensed milk and chai tea. Yeah, thats right.

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  1. Jenny Smith says:

    Mmmmm! Sign me up for the chai version!

    Do you like the tapioca pearls for a specific reason? Is it nostalgia or more the texture/taste? I’m not a huge fan of them, I think I request them taken out about 2 of 3 times. Of course, that’s also because I like to get bubble tea with my daughter and it’s easier just to say “no pearls” for both of us than get the order mixed up.

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