I did another chair redo for a friend of mine with the same striped fabric but the chair in turquoise this time. Wouldn’t it be fun to have a bunch of these, all with the same cushion fabric and different colors of chair? OR all the same chair color but different fabric on the cushion? Oh, the possibilities.

Turquoise chair.

And I have been loving how beautiful my front yard has been now that things have cooled off a bit. Everything is blooming! So I stuck the chair in the middle of it all to take a picture. Because, that’s totally normal, right?

Chair redo. In it's natural habitat.


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  1. […] I ended up with. I spray painted two frames that I already had with paint I had leftover from the folding chair redo to bring some pops of color. My bro-in-law did that great macro photo shot (no idea what plant it […]

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