Happy (Belated) Thanksgiving Y’all

Hope y’all had a happy turkey day last Thursday! We got the opportunity to stay home and cook which was so wonderful! It’s definitely the thing I miss the most when we travel. Jude got in on a lot of the cooking action which was so fun (and sometimes frustrating) because I want him to have memories of cooking in the kitchen with me! Here he is enjoying one of the privileges of helping in the kitchen, licking the beaters of the dough from the brown butter apple tart.

Side note. If you choose to make a brown butter apple tart, make sure to put the tart pan on a rimmed baking sheet so the butter won’t bubble over to the bottom of your oven and start a fire on Thanksgiving. . . causing the firefighters to show up just so you can tell them everything is fine because you have a fire extinguisher that took care of the problem. Butter is flammable y’all. Sorry firefighters. Thanks for being so good natured about it all!

Jude licking the beaters

Major milestone – learning how to grill/roast/smoke a turkey. Turns out it was really easy and our weather is so lovely right now that it was great to be outside! First the turkey took a three day bath in a brine, then oiled up with lots of butter, then onto the grill. I used my roasting pan because our grill didn’t let me put the aluminum pan underneath to catch drippings. And I thought it would be a whole lot easier to rotate the turkey through roasting. All you have to do it monitor the temperature and do you best to keep it at 350 (or near). I now feel confident lighting charcoal and using wood chips to add a smokey flavor. I feel like I need a ‘female griller award’ or something. The turkey was awesome, although a little undercooked due to a malfunctioning meat thermometer that decided to only read ‘HI’ at the crucial moment. My brother sliced it and we threw it in the oven to finish it off. Still delicious.

Grill/Smoking the Turkey

It was so wonderful to have my parents and brother in town for the holiday. We had a ton of fun even with the memorable mishaps! And seriously y’all, one last recipe plug, make these rolls sometime. Even though I had the wrong pan and they burned on the bottom (yeah, haha one last mishap too), they were AMAZING.

Family Thanksgiving

Hope your Thanksgiving was as memorable as ours (with less hiccups!) and that you enjoyed the people in your life that you are most thankful for.


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