busy hooks and needles

I finally completed a knitting project. I decided I didn’t like my honey cowl after all. I think I picked the wrong yarn for that project because it’s too stiff AND I don’t think I would wear that purple color that much now. Ah well – it was a great learning experience and I may give it another go with a softer/finer yarn in the future. Which brings me to . . .

Cabled Ear Warmer Headband

A cabled headband! Now there’s a couple reasons I made this – first, I was fascinated with cables. Turns out they ARE as easy as people say. Second, it’s a little known fact that I have been running in the wee hours of the morning with a friend. Mornings have been much cooler lately and my ears get ridiculous cold – enter ear warmer headband. Not much of a fashion statement, but it will keep my ears warm! And I’m proud of myself for finally completing a knitting project.

Cable Knit Headband

Next, I needed to make a gift for a friend of mine and since crochet is my comfortable spot, I found the Rachael Hat and quickly got to work on it. The yarn I had was bulkier than the pattern called for (remember the bedrunner?) so I ended up adding more rows and not skipping stitches on the single crochet headband.

Chunky Beanie with Flowers

It was finished in a little over an hour and I whipped up a couple mini flowers to embellish. I think it turned out pretty cute!

Chunky Beanie with Flowers

And lastly, I made this sweet Shell Stitch Beanie for the winner of my giveaway! Cynthia just found out that she is having her second little girl and asked me to crochet up a sweet little grey beanie with a pink flower. I’d been wanting to try out this little pattern for awhile and thought this would be a good time to try it. I love the lacy look of the stitch! I hope you like it as much as I do, Cynthia!

Shell Stitch Beanie

I also have been working on knitting Jude’s ‘Latte Sweater’ and it looks great. There’s one discouraging problem. . . even though I swatched to get my gauge, it seems I knit much tighter on circular needles and the sweater is knitting up too small. I frogged the yarn and started over, this time with the new gauge. Sigh. It’s a learning process, isn’t it?

Any good yarn patterns you’ve seen that I should be bookmarking?


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