And second knitting project completed! Y’all, I’m a knitter! Not a bad way to start off the new year.

Alba Wristwarmers

These fun wrist warmers are a gift for a good friend of 19 years for her 30th birthday. I’m about a month late but she knew she was getting them . . .

Alba Wristwarmers

My scallops could use a little smoothing on the corners but I’m pretty happy with my second ever knitting project. I used Liberty Wool (colors 7813,7836, 7816, and 7880) which is so soft and washable!

Alba Wristwarmers

And now on to the next project, which may be a Downton Abbey knit-along. . .


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7 Responses to Abra Alba Wrist Warmers: Finished!

  1. Michelle says:

    Ummmmm those are gorgeous! As far as a cost-reward ratio, what do you think? Would you make some for yourself? Do they require a lot of yarn? I’m thinking of taking up knitting to add to my crocheting.

    • Elizabeth says:

      I would make some for myself and they don’t require much yarn – I think I have enough leftover to make another pair. . . The yarn I bought was a bit pricey ($8/ball) and this was my first project to complete with ribbing/color change/dpns and I was learning quite a bit as I went along. I think if I made them again they would knit up much quicker!

  2. Amanda says:

    Those are awesome! Once again you inspire me to consider taking up a new hobby…you are far too good at that 😉

  3. Kristin says:

    cool ! I love them !!

  4. Amanda says:

    They turned out great! Nice job! How’s Jude’s sweater coming along?

    • Elizabeth says:

      It’s coming along very nicely but a bit slow! I think I’ve learned my lesson on using sock weight yarn to make a sweater. It’s very soft but takes a very long time to knit up! I’ll post a picture soon.

  5. […] Abra Alba Wrist Warmers are a free knitting pattern and you may remember that I knit these awhile back as one of my first knitting projects.  I was a VERY novice knitter and didn’t know how to make […]

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