Heart-Stuffed Shells in Ricotta Sauce

I have made this Heart-Stuffed Shells in Ricotta Sauce twice since receiving Smitten Kitchen’s Cookbook for Christmas and it is one of the best things I’ve cooked in a long time (let’s just say I’ve felt fairly uninspired on the cooking front these days). It seems like it would be overly rich and heavy, but the lemon juice in the ricotta bechamel sauce AND caramelized onion and artichoke filling brightens the dish significantly. This would be a great vegetarian main dish with a green salad for entertaining or a nice date night at home. I happened to make it for some friends along with a Salted Caramel Budino for dessert that was scarfed too quickly to snap a photo. The true gauge of whether a dish is successful? How many times Jason asks me to repeat the dish. Let’s just say he asks for it frequently. 🙂

Heart Stuffed Shells in Ricotta Sauce


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