albra alba, starboard & mojave

The Abra Alba Wrist Warmers are a free knitting pattern and you may remember that I knit these awhile back as one of my first knitting projects.  I was a VERY novice knitter and didn’t know how to make simple adjustments to the pattern. I had plenty of the Classic Elite Yarn Liberty Wool  left over and I still love the colors, so I decided to knit it again changing the order of the colors. I made some adjustments this time – I used size 5 needles to adjust for the worsted weight yarn and the magic loop method instead of DPNs. I added extra rows here and there to make the wrist warmers a bit longer. I also added P1,K1 ribbing at the finger side because I think it looks a little more finished.

I was inspired to knit them again because 1) Austin had an ice day (yes you read that right) and the whole stinkin’ city shut down, so what better to do on a day stuck inside than knit! 2) I am going to a women’s retreat in a couple weeks and these are going to be a part of some giveaway packages. They fit perfectly and I hope that whoever wins them at the women’s retreat giveaway enjoys them!

Alba Alba Wristwarmers, take 2

The other project I’m working on right now is the Starboard Sweater for Jude. He had been asking me to knit him a sweater for awhile so after Christmas, we sat down and he picked out the sweater pattern as well as the color and type of yarn he wanted. I am using Knit Picks City Tweed in Basil and it is absolutely lovely to knit with – so very soft! I’m knitting it in a size 6 so that he can wear it for a couple of years, because really, in Texas, you only need a wool sweater 2-5 times a year!

Starboard Sweater knitting progress

Maybe someday I’ll actually finish my Kage Sweater and Mojave cowl although I’ve made a bit of progress on the Mojave:

Mojave Cowl progress

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