kebabs, linzers and chiffon

This was a surprising good meal, Chicken Kebabs with Cucumber Noodles. Jude loves raw carrots and cucumbers and I love any kind of peanut sauce so everyone was happy. I’m adding it to my meal planning food list.

chicken kebabs with soba noodle/cucumber salad and sesame carrots

For VDay, Jude and I spent some time making cookies. And really, when Smitten Kitchen posted the recipe for Chocolate Hazelnut Linzer Heart Cookies, I knew they were the ones to make. So stinking good.

Nutella and hazelnuts heart

Really, everything is better with Nutella.

chocolate hazelnut Linzer cookies

And finally, I can’t believe I haven’t posted the recipe for this cake before. It is probably the best, non-chocolate cake I have ever made. This Mixed Berry Chiffon Cake with Almond Cream Cheese Frosting is a show stopper. And the perfect birthday cake. 🙂 It’s pretty time consuming to make, but I made the cake a week ahead of time and froze it (cakes always taste better after they have been frozen) and made the filling and frosting the day before. Delicious.

Mixed Berry Chiffon Cake with Almond Cream Cheese Frosting