some food lately

I haven’t been cooking like I used to mainly because I find myself falling back on what I know during these busy times. But I have still found a few new recipes that are worth posting about.

We are all about banana bread in my house. Mostly because I keep buying bananas and they turn brown. In the name of frugality, we make banana bread. Lots of banana bread. Enter Double Chocolate Banana Bread which is really more like cake. With very little taste of banana.

I recently hosted my book club and got to make a bunch of really yummy items (because really, book club is about enjoying each other’s company and eating good food as much as it’s about talking about that month’s book). Most of the recipes, I’ve shared here before, but one worth adding to the list is this Asparagus Tart with Gruyere. So very easy, but satisfyingly pretty AND tasty. Wins all around.

And y’all. If you are the bread-baking type, you must bake this bread. So freaking delicious. It’s like dessert that is not dessert. This Buttermilk Honey Bread is my perfect sweet white bread. I can’t stop eating it and my whole family enjoys it as well. Seriously, make it.

This pizza was another large success. It’s fairly time consuming but the end result was very worth it. And really, the ingredients speak for themselves: Camelized Onion, Spinach and Bacon Pizza. There’s no marina but an amazing white wine béchamel. Worth it if you have the time.

Anything you’re making that I should be making?