essential oils bandwagon

I’ve recently jumped on a bandwagon that seems to be spreading, at least according to my facebook feed. Are you guys experiencing the same thing? My curiosity got the best of me as I heard success story after success story of people using essential oils to take care of headaches, shorten colds, provide allergy relief, calm their children, help with sleep, disinfect… etc.

I did some research (this series as well as this series in particular were most helpful) and decided for a large variety of reasons, not to go with the very vocal MLM essential oils groups. No hard feelings towards those companies as I received a lot of preliminary education from them, but I found a direct sales company that is slightly cheaper, provides great customer service as well as a quality product. Enter Native American Nutritionals (aka Rocky Mountain Oils). And a lot of reading and research. There is so much information to wade through!

learning about essential oils

We have had some notable success with the oils: using the Calming blend to help sooth Jude’s night terrors, Tummy Rub to sooth upset bellies, Pain Ease to sooth head aches, Skin Care with Lavender to sooth sunburns and prevent peeling, Helichrysum to heal cuts and Molluscum bumps that Jude gets on his skin, lavender + tea tree to stop itchy bug bites, lavender + lemon + peppermint to reduce outdoor allergies … I am slowly losing my skepticism.

If you are interested in trying some out, there is a sample kit for $15 with beginners guide that they didn’t have when I first ordered.

What about you guys? Have you used essential oils for anything? Do you buy in to all the hype that’s circulating out there right now?


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