gratuitous cute kid photos (with cute animals too)!

Forgive me ahead of time, this is a post full of photos. Mainly for the grandparents that sometimes check my blog but aren’t on social media. You’re welcome grandparents.

Awhile back, we went to a birthday party. The mom of the kiddo that was having the party happens to be a photographer. Enter awesome pictures like this:

Jude with bubbles

And a traveling petting zoo, Tiny Tails to You. Which leads to gratuitous cuteness. Because a hedgehog… seriously.

Beth with hedgehog

Jude with bunny2

Beth and bunny

And then there are iPhone photos too. Because I’m that mom that takes too many phone photos. I was eating up the kindness and gentleness that my kiddo was exuding while holding chicks and bunnies. So sweet and gentle. Makes my heart hurt that my wild little boy can be so kind.

Jude with a bunny

Jude with a Chick

And then we also have been kayaking several times out on Lady Bird Lake. It’s so beautiful out there and we have had some wonderful wildlife experiences while out there as well. First time:


Second time:


And third time, maybe final, because Jude almost tipped us in this last round… Little boys in contained spaces sometimes cause havoc.


And done in picture land. At least for now. Grandparents can smile and be happy now. 🙂

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