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Stitch Fix #9

This fix I asked for a midi skirt, a maxi skirt/dress, something to wear to celebrate our 9th anniversary next week, and some boho style. My stylist, Jenni B. also managed to send 4/5 items made in the US! She definitely sent me what I asked for but I’m not sure I love anything enough to keep it. Still debating…

I’ve been wanting to try on a midi skirt as I have seen some really cute ones styled out in blog land. I received the Eight Sixty Ariana Printed Midi Skirt and the Loveappella Amanda Twist Back Knit Top (both made in the US). It’s definitely not something I would have picked for myself, which is the whole point of StitchFix! While I liked the length, I didn’t love the scale of the pattern. And the black tank had a nice detail on the back, but I own quite a few black tanks.
IMG_5907 IMG_5910

This super light weight tee is the Splendid Shelburne Knit Top (made in the US). It’s super comfy and I can see it being pretty versatile. The pattern is reminiscent of chevron/knitting, which is fun. I love that it’s made in the US but it is one of the pricier items in my fix, which isn’t ideal for a t-shirt (even one made in the US).

Next up, the Loveappella Jesse Maxi Dress (made in the US). Comfy, like the pattern and color, but I didn’t love where the waist line hit on me. It felt a bit reminiscent of a maxi dress I wore while I was pregnant which didn’t give it any bonus points.

And finally, the Skies are Blue Medan Scalloped Crochet Top. Definitely boho, I like the crochet detail. I can’t say I love what it does to my figure in the picture below (one of the reasons I ask Jason to photograph me in the StitchFix clothes!)… Also, made in China…

Thoughts on this fix?

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Stitch Fix #7 & #8

Remember that one time, that I kept everything in my Stitch Fix box? Oh, you don’t? Well that happened on Fix #7 and I couldn’t get it together enough to post about it. But it was awesome and here are the pictures to prove it:


Top left: Renee C Rayna Graphic Knit Drape Front Cardigan (made in US); Top middle: Liverpool Anita Ponte Pant (so comfortable!); Top & Bottom Right: Papermoon Amadi Scallop Hem Blouse (made in US); Bottom Left: Tart Gwyn Lace Detail Knit Top; Bottom Middle: Kut From the Kloth Maisha Ponte Drape Front Jacket (made in US) (also here with the polka dot dress from my third fix)

Thanks Jenni B. for hitting that Fix out of the park!

Yesterday, I received my 8th Fix, also styled by Jenni B. and I’m pretty happy with it! In fact, I’m struggling with what I should pick to keep!

I really like the edgy style of this RD Style Rhonda Knit Back Faux Leather Jacket. It fits well, I like the color BUT I have a black moto jacket. Not sure I should have TWO moto style jackets…


The Renee C Tucker Mixed Print 3/4 Sleeve Blouse (made in US) is something I would not have picked for myself. Generally speaking, I go for solids, monochrome, or simple patterns like stripes or polka dots. I really like the colors and the print (which reminds of paisley, or this dress).


This navy Olive & Oak Aiden Split Back Sweater is so much fun. I don’t own any oversized chunky sweaters, but I LOVE them. It’s hard to justify them in our temperate Austin climate. But to own just one?


Especially when the back of the sweater is an open cross back?


I like the idea of vests in general, but in my experience, I don’t find myself reaching for them to wear very often. This Gentle Fawn Hansel Woven Vest is really fun, and I could see how it would add some interest to many outfits, but I’m on the fence about keeping it.


Y’all, these are so comfortable. They are part of the same line as the Liverpool Anita Ponte Pant that I received in Fix #7. These Liverpool Tallulah Faux Leather Detail Pant are comfy and edgy and I really like them. Although, shhh, don’t tell, but you can find these cheaper as the Liverpool Madonna Ponte Leggings on Amazon (and I don’t think of these are leggings – not the same material at all!). So sorry Stitch Fix – I’m going to get these but for the cheaper price! Edit: Stitch Fix will price match! So if you receive these, just let them know about the Amazon pants.


What do you think I should keep?

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Stitch Fix #6 – Take 2

Y’all may remember how disappointed I was with my last Stitch Fix. Well, Stitch Fix personally reached out to me and proved again that they have excellent customer service. They asked if I would be willing to have a ‘redo’ of my last fix, expediting the timeline, refunding the $20 styling fee from the last failed fix and hand selecting a stylist for me based on my style requests. I am so glad I took them up on it because Jenni B, my new stylist, definitely understands what I want! All the pieces feel right within my style preferences.

The first item I had to put on, the Renne C Alyssia Halter Paisley Dress, was chosen because Jenni thought the colors would work well with my skin tone, and I think she is right on! What she didn’t know is how much I like this cut of neckline/halter. I have always felt like I have fairly broad shoulders and this cut flatters that feature. I really like that this one will be a great transitional dress – easily going from summer to fall. Additional benefit, I don’t think I would have picked this paisley for myself – getting me out of my comfort zone of solids. It does remind me of a favorite green paisley dress that I had in high school that I loved so very much. This was Jason’s favorite piece.


Next, the Loveappella Meelah Tulip Hem Maxi Skirt. This one is Made in America (yay!) and I love the bright blue cobalt and the fun tulip opening. Sadly, it’s that super thin jersey that shows every underwear line and stomach pooch. It’s totally my style, just not my fabric!


Staying in the colbalt color family, Kut from the Kloth Murphy Colorblock Button-Up Blouse is exactly what I mean when I think tailored, architectural and flattering. The color blocking feels super slimming and very appropriate for work to play. The white panel is sheer but it was easily fixed by wearing a nude tank.


And the Pomelo Nolen Printed Detail Henley Tank. This is a good example of why I ask Jason to photograph me in the items. It felt great on, I liked what I saw in the mirror, love the colors, details and patterns, but I’m not sure that I like the way it looks on in the photo! The ruching under the bust and the hemline don’t look as flattering as I felt like they did – maybe overemphasizing that I am trying to conceal and area of my body that I don’t love.


Last, the 41Hawthorn Paris Embroidery & Colorblock Detail Top. Love the colors, the cut and the embroidery, but I feel like the color block at the bottom is not figure flattering. Looking at the photo confirms that it emphasizes the muffin top area a bit more than I would like.


Love these styles – I feel so much better about this experience than my last! The styles and colors were right ones, the fits just a little off in a couple of the pieces. I feel comfortable in asking anyone that is considering to try Stitch Fix to use my referral link – and you can ask for Jenni B. as your stylist if you feel like she did a good job interpreting my style!  

So what do you think of this fix? What do you think I should keep?


knitting update: kage, cowl, hat, beanie, and dress

I’m almost done knitting my kage sweater! Well, I’m done knitting, but working on weaving in ends, seaming the pieces together and finishing edges. The linen is so soft and lovely, I can’t wait to wear this sweater once it’s complete. And you want to know what’s exciting about this knit piece? It can go in the washer and dryer … AND it comes out softer each time! Yay linen yarn! You may be unforgiving but you do have your huge merits.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

And isn’t this the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen? A box full of beautiful colors of yarn. Just wait and see what I’m going to do with it all.


Here’s a little hint – I may be opening up my shop again for a good cause. More to come on that later (and these photos make me giggle because I was so excited, I couldn’t wait to take off the whitening strip on my teeth)…


My friends are still having babies! And a good friend is having a little girl, so I crocheted up a familiar little hat and the sweetest dress.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

It may be one of my favorite things I have crocheted. I took some queues from this granny square crochet/fabric dress pattern but sized it down, added a shell stitch edge and changed the straps.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Pretty excited to wrap this one up and see the mama-to-be open it up! 🙂


Stitch Fix #6

Fix #6 (See the First FixSecond FixThird FixForth Fix, Fifth Fix).

Y’all, I am bummed about this Fix. We are going on vacation to a lake house soon, so I asked for a vacation/beachy style fix. I think I will be sending every piece of it back. It’s so far off. Let me tell you why…

First two items: Tart Rochelle Ikat Print Soft Short and Pomelo Jillian Crochet Detail Tank. Problem number one – I have asked, twice now, to not receive any fold-over waist band bottoms and that is what kinda of waistband these shorts have. Additionally, these shorts are $68. Yeah, you read that right. They are just thin jersey fabric, a fold over waist band and pockets. Moving to the tank – is that basic or what? On every fix, I send back at least one item with the feedback that I want show-stopping pieces from Stitch Fix, not basics. I get basics at my thrift store. $48 for a basic tank, no thanks.


A back view – the crochet is nice, but not $48 nice.


Next, the 41 Hawthorn Harriet Ikat Print Fit and Flare dress. If you read my style profile, you would see that I have asked not to receive any pink items. Next.


And finally, the Papermoon Talia Embroidery Detail Split Neck Top and Kut from the Kloth Kate Distressed Boyfriend Jean. Let’s start with the jeans: comfy, cute, and all that, but I have specifically asked that I not receive jeans. I have no problem finding jeans that fit at the thrift store. The tank top is fine, but y’all, it’s see through and fairly shapeless. Boo.


I don’t know what happened here! With the exception of the split neck tank top, each item was something I have previously commented that I did not want. It’s like my stylist didn’t even read through notes on my style profile or my previous fixes. Again, super bummed. I’ve enjoyed my previous experiences with Stitch Fix so much! And seriously, thank you to everyone that has used my referral link. I appreciate it a bunch.

Oh, they will be getting an earful (eyeful?) from me on this check out… Sad, sad day.

What do you think? Is this Fix disappointing compared to my previous ones?


Stitch Fix #5

Fifth fix (see the First FixSecond FixThird Fix, Forth Fix)! I was pretty excited about this one because I ‘sneaked’ a peek at my box when it shipped (read: I hit ‘checkout’ to see the list of clothes they sent me so that I could google each one and overly anticipate what was being sent to me!). I also was happy to have the same stylist, Noemi (hi Noemi – thank you!). And can I reiterate how much I appreciate the folks that have used my referral link to sign up? I have had several referral credits with each fix – thank you.

This time I was so excited to get a maxi dress! This is the Gilli Astra Sleeveless Maxi Dress (Made in the USA). I love the color, love the cut, love the length but I don’t love the thinness of the jersey fabric. 🙁 The photo below doesn’t let on that you can see my belly button, the lines of my bra (in the back) and various other spots that I would not like to emphasize. Sad day. If the fabric left a little more to the imagination, this maxi would be mine.


Next up, the Pomelo Landers Lattice Crochet Detail Tank (Made in China) and the Liverpool Vinny Ankle Length Colored Skinny Jean (Made in China). The tank is very summer breezy, although a little sheer, even though you can’t see it in the photo. I think it would be super cute with an A-line skirt! The pants were comfy but I don’t feel 100% on them. They felt a little boxy towards the bottoms but I know I have become so accustomed to skinnies that I think my perception is skewed. Thoughts here?


Next, the Dear John Finnegan Roll Cuff Denim Short (made in China). They were too small at the waist. 🙁


And finally, the last item I am torn on, the Liverpool Odell Capri Jean (made in China). Great fit, the cuff folds down, they were a little more high waisted that I am used to and I wish I had taken a photo of the back – I’m worried they give me ‘Mom butt’. I’m just not sure.


Other fixes have felt pretty clear cut on what I should keep, but I don’t know about this one! Weigh in below and let me know what you think I should keep!

And as always, feel free to use my referral link if you want to give Stitch Fix a go for yourself!

East Side Sew Downs

Several weekends ago, I had the opportunity to go to one of my favorite places with some neighbors and friends for a bit of a break and some time to recharge. And, well, also spending some time being crafty.


Can’t you feel the relaxation radiating from the screen?


The whole trip may have been totally worth it just for an appliquéd Cumberbatch. It’s amazing how recognizable he is without a face.


We had a lovely time of yoga on the porch. This was certainly a first but it definitely should not be the last.


And I spent a lot of time knitting and staring at this view.


I really didn’t do much of anything, which was needed but I did complete two projects, one for father’s day and one for a soon to be 5 year old’s birth. Like father, like son. 🙂 I love that the superheroes obsession is beginning.


While I didn’t spend a whole lot of time sewing, I spent a lot of time watching movies, knitting, painting toenails, eating really yummy food (like this orecchiette with spinach and gorgonzola sauce), enjoying the lovely company and sleeping in. Perfect.


I’ve been ready to go back since we left, and thankfully I get to go on another one this August!

stitch fix #4

I’ve had three fixes so far (see the First Fix, Second Fix, Third Fix) and I’ve enjoyed the process – really it’s all about the anticipating the shipment! I really appreciate the folks that have used my referral link to sign up – thank you.

Today, I was pretty excited to pull this pretty stack of clothes out of the box:

The first thing I just had to try on, was this Pink Martini Sally Mixed Striped Dress. For this fix, I had specifically asked for a very tailored dress, with architectural seaming. It has pockets and a very tasteful sweetheart neckline. But y’all, is it too short for work? I’ve become so used to knee length dresses… I need some feedback!

Next up, Ark n Co Ashlie Graphic Knit Sleeveless Cardigan. I really like the geometric print but I can’t see myself wearing this very much. I tried it on with dresses, shorts, jeans… I just didn’t love it. And I have another sleeveless vest cardigan and it doesn’t get a whole lot of wear – I can’t see adding another.

I was very excited to see that my stylist Noemi listened to one of my specific requests and provided this Mauna Mixed Print Sheer Open Cardigan – which is really a kimono (at least, I think so) and a trend I really enjoy! I like how this provides a boho feel to simple shorts and tank. I could see it workings with skinny jeans and a t-shirt, or over a simple dress. It’s very light-weight and appropriate for our ATX hot weather. I’m pretty sure I’m keeping AND it added bonus that Noemi also listened when I asked for Made in USA because this is!

And sadly, the Honey Punch Quincey Striped Maxi Skirt fabric was too thin and not remotely flattering, not to mention so so so long! Additionally, the Pomelo Blake Side Ruched V-Neck Knit Shirt was nice, but too basic for the price.

Not hit out of the park, but still fun! I think I’m keeping two items (which seems to be my trend) but I’d love your feedback. You want to know what else I would love? If you use my referral link if you want to try out Stitch Fix for yourself!


Stitch Fix #3

It seems I am only blogging once monthly right now. Y’all, life is full right now.

On to the third fix.

The first item was an instant yes – the Hazel Claire Fit & Flare Polka Dot Dress. It’s navy which is super versatile and I see myself wearing this in a variety of ways. It was comfortable and flattering. And it has pockets!


And a cute v-neck back!


Next up, the Lilly Calla Solid Swing Skirt in navy and the Lily Lexa Abstract Print Cowl Neck Top. They are both made in the US and that was the only thing I liked about them. I do not like cowl neck shirts. And the skirt was that exact thin fabric that shows everything you don’t want to show: rolls, belly buttons, underwear lines. Both are going back.


Finally, the TCEC Denissa Tribal Detailed Key-Hole Tank and the Emperia Avalon Two Tone Tote with Stud Detail. I didn’t like the tote, the colors were fine, the stud detail was ok (although only on one side which is why you can’t see it in the picture)… It felt cheap, especially given the price and just a bit too small. The tank is super breezy and comfortable with lovely detailing – I can see myself wearing it with a maxi skirt, a pencil skirt, shorts, rolled up boyfriend jeans… I like the versatility. I’m keeping it!


So overall, I didn’t feel like my style was nailed by the stylist this time (unlike last time) but I got two pieces that I really like that I think I will use a lot. If you think you want to try out Stitch Fix, would you consider using my referral link?

What do you think about the items I got this time?


Stitch Fix #2

I had my second fix. I think the anticipation of getting your next box of item is so much of the fun!

When I opened up my box, I was super excited to see a mix of patterns and a lot of my favorite color family – blues and greens. Right from the start, I felt like my style was a bit more understood than the first fix.


The first item I tried on was the 41Hawthorn Capitola Fit & Flare Tank Dress – very practical for our hot Texas weather and a great item for board meetings: professional, classic and a versatile navy blue. Jason really liked this dress – when I came out he was all excited about going on a date! It is a bit pricey, but I’m thinking it may be worth it to have such an elegant dress in my wardrobe.


The second item, the Delmare Elephant Print Cut-Out Detail Blouse. It’s a lovely silky material with cute vintage elephants, and in theory I like the cut-outs…. BUT 1) I don’t care for peasant blouses, they feel frumpy on me and 2) who wants to wear a strapless bra with a shirt that looks like you should be able to wear a regular bra! It’s going back.


Next, the Jordanne A-Line Skirt. It’s green! And my favorite shade of green! It’s got some neat detailing at the waist and is nicely lined.


I took one of their other suggestions on the style card and paired it with my polka dot chambray shirt. Pretty cute!


On to the Locklyn Ruffle Detail Tribal Print Tank. I really like the detailing on this tank, the sheer top panel, the loose billowing ruffled back. Jason didn’t love this though and I’m not certain it is as flattering on as I would like. Although, looking at the photo may change my mind… (Oh but those leather Madewell green flats? Denim and Stripes Insta Shop for a steal!)


And finally, the Ritz Mixed Pattern Front Pocket Knit Shirt. I really like the mix of stripes, polka dotted back and floral pocket. It’s loose fitting and I could see this getting a lot of wear during the summer. I’m going to have to think on this one for a bit because it feels very trendy and I don’t want to spend a lot of money on an item that will be ‘out’ next summer. Oh but stripes… 🙂 And a special shout out to The Newest Wrinkle – TX for the lovely Gap skinnies! If y’all haven’t heard about instagram thrift shopping… don’t blame me for telling you about it! Thrift shopping from your phone is dangerous… and many shops support awesome causes with their sales, like adoptions!


OK, y’all, thoughts on the items I got this round? I am a little bummed that I didn’t receive any items that were made in the US this time – everything was made in China. That will make some of the items easier to send back. I’ll have to mention that in my comments for my next fix.

Do you want to sign up? If you do, I’d love it if you use my referral link!