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2013 in Crafty Photo Review

Not much sewing this year, but it looks like knitting has really taken off. 🙂 In other news, I read/listened to 80 books this year. Thank you OverDrive for fueling my new audio book obsession for free.

No significant traveling (except for our fun trip to Chicago) and I have gotten in a rut with cooking this year so not much to share on that front (although there are plans… to be continued)!

Happy New Year to all of you – I hope your 2014 brings you exciting, new adventures!


Sharpie Mug

I’ve seen this idea floating around pinterest for awhile and it seemed to good to be true: sharpie, white mug, customize and bake in the oven for permanent results. Turns out, a regular sharpie IS a little too good to be true. But there were alternatives… I  bought some oil based sharpies (more like a paint pen) and it worked beautifully! I wrote a message on the front and turned Jude loose to draw on the back.  Turned out pretty cute! Bought some yummy gourmet coffee to complete the gift and my mom was a happy lady!

Happy birthday Mom!

Happy Birthday Grandma Mug

Jude’s V-Day Card

Yeah, still not a fan of the love holiday (least favorite of the year, actually) but it’s quite fun figuring out how to make fun V-Day cards for Jude! I still love last year’s card but this year we were going for a candy free card. Target had some of these great glow bracelets in their dollar bin, so I grabbed them with the intent on making V-Day cards. I was inspired by this idea that I’d seen floating around the interwebs. He’s totally holding a flash light in the picture. It resembled a light saber, right? Love photoshop. And that you can find free fonts for anything these days.

The funny part is that Jude has not seen Star Wars yet. I know, it’s a little silly to have a card based on it when he has no clue! But I love the way it turned out and he really likes it too, even if he doesn’t understand it fully!

Jude's Vday Card

Happy V-Day y’all.


WIP Wednesday: scallops, shorts and babies

Finished up the quilt top for the scallop quilt! I love it so very much. And I especially love how easy it would be to decrease or increase the size of this quilt. Turns out I didn’t need to pin to get precise curves. Very proud of myself!

Scallop Quilt Top

Now I’m contemplating what the back of the quilt will be. It’s for a baby so I might just get some soft flannel. . . Hoping to find some polka dots that are complementary to my color scheme. We will see. And then I will have to make a decision on how to quilt! Any suggestions? My current leaning is to quilt the scallop pattern across the whole quilt.

Scallop Quilt

Points, again, aren’t perfect, but they still make me quite happy. Progress, folks, this is big progress for me.

Scallop Quilt

And remember how I was telling you about the shorts I bought to shorten a bit? Well, they were a quick fix! Here are the before and after shots:

These shorts still had their original tags on them. And they may be my favorites (I am wearing them as I type right now)!


And I couldn’t resist snatching up a pair of shorts in my favorite color! Ohh look at those sad, pale legs – the summer will be brutal to you!


They look black but they are actually navy. . . So much less ‘mommy’ once they are a little shorter.


And finally, some khaki shorts. I can’t remember the last time I’ve owned a pair of khaki shorts. . . but I do now!


Whew. I have certainly made my peace with the necessity of shorts while staying home with a kiddo! Previous to this, I didn’t really own any shorts. And really, I have nothing against a good capri or bermuda short (I have 3 bermuda from my thrifting haul and several other pairs from last summer), but with the heat that is sure to come this year, fingertip length shorts will likely be what I’m reaching for during the day to day.

And finally, some new fabrics for my next project! These are some organics from the monaco by monaluna line – they will end up as some bibs and burp rags for a friend’s sis-in-law. I love getting to work with such pretty fabrics!

New fabrics

This week’s stats:
Completed projects – 4
New projects – 1
Currently in progress – 2 (1 waiting to be quilted with 4 waiting on the sidelines – bibs/burps, Macaron dress, purple dress, swimsuit)

What’s on your WIP list this week? Head over to Freshly Pieced WIP Wednesday to link up and see what everyone else is working on!

sewing and curves class

This mess might make some people anxious, but it makes me so (sew?) happy! I am actually sewing again – hooray! My machine is fixed! There are projects planned and some are even started. . .

I am still working on the curves class with some very exciting projects to come from it. This is the first project of the skill that I really want to learn, piecing together curves. It’s a simple little notecard project but I felt like it was great to get my feet wet with this one. I’ve got two others are are in the works right now.

One notecard’s already in the mail and the other has a good home as well. In other, less exciting news, I am continuing the handmade baby items for the current baby boom. More slings!


2011 in photo review

What a year, what a year. Turns out it looks pretty incredible when you look at it in pictures, so here we go!

Crafting – in review:

1. green crocodile scarf, 2. Little Leaves Quilt: Finished!, 3. divine hat, 4. Charm Square Baby Quilt, 5. Pillow Case Dress, 6. Patio Cushion Redo, 7. Completed projects. . ., 8. hand me down dress to paper bag skirt, 9. My little dinosaur, 10. Charm Squares Baby Quilt, 11. Crochet Slouchy Hat, 12. Crochet cowl scarf, 13. Wonky Star Mini Tree Skirt (or Pants?), 14. Bacon!, 15. yarn wreath, 16. catherine’s wheel scarf, 17. Socialite Skirt, 18. Noodlehead Gathered Clutch, 19. Maxi Dress, 20. Robot’s Valentine

Cooking – in review:

1. Starry Chicken Pot Pie, 2. Nutella Truffles, 3. Linzer Cookies, 4. Chocolate Chocolate Chip Muffins, 5. English Muffins, 6. Mango Avocado Mahi Mahi, 7. Corn Vichyssoise, 8. Popsicles!, 9. Pioneer Woman Enchiladas, 10. Cherry Mini Pie, 11. nutella shake, 12. pumpkin pie filled, maple cinnamon frosting topped, cupcakes, 13. fried goat cheese salad, 14. sushi, 15. french toast!, 16. dark chocolate sour cream bundt cake with dark chocolate ganache, 17. eggplant parmesan, 18. Nutella no bake cookies, 19. Challah, 20. Turkey Lettuce Wraps

Travel – in review (Estes Park, CO, Fort Lauderdale, FL, Playa de Carmen, Mexico, Chicago, IL, Taos, NM):

1. Royal Hideaway , 2. Royal Hideaway, 3. Royal Hideaway , 4. here comes a wave!, 5. Morton Arboretum , 6. on the dunes, 7. to the water!, 8. Hobbit House, 9. cadillac ranch, 10. bridge in Taos, NM, 11. royal gorge, 12. outside of the Hobbit House, 13. Playing in the Surf, 14. Beach Bum, 15. Downtown Estes Park, 16. Estes Park Rocky Mountains

Well, when you look at things this way, it’s been a very busy year!

when the weather drops below 90 degrees . . .

… it suddenly feels like it’s time to start working on winter projects again. Which of course means revisiting my fairly new skill of crocheting.

A friend of mine just found out she is having her second little boy and hinted that a monkey hat would be much welcomed in their house. I was happy to oblige and revisit the monkey hat pattern that I made so many of last year. I made the 0-3 month pattern but it really seems more like a 3-6 month fit. I made sure to follow the stitch counts exactly but oh well – it will just have to be a little bit big. It sure is cute though!

Monkey Hat Season

Starting and finishing that beanie gave me the crochet bug. I saw this crochet stitch on pinterest and was just enthralled. It looks so complicated! Turns out, it’s only two stitches, a chain stitch and double crochet and I can do both of those! I did a couple test runs with the youtube videos on that pinterest link and went out and bought some dreamy colors of yarn.

Crocodile Scarf - the Beginnings

I think I haven’t been enjoying crocheting as much as I could be because I have been using cheap yarn. It kinda feels like plastic to me. Not soft and comfy and something you would want close to your skin. This yarn is so soft and beautiful. I just love it. It’s the Stitch Nation yarn by Debbie Stoller ‘washable ewe’ in kitten and ‘full o’ sheep’ in little lamb and honeycomb. It’s a little pricey but I use my Joann’s 50% off coupons that I get by e-mail and mail and it makes it much more affordable!

Crocodile Scarf - the Beginnings

I can’t believe that I’m making this. It looks like something I would buy in a store! I’m going to keep going with it until I use up all the yarn to see how long I can get the scarf. I love it.

My next yarn task? Learn how to knit. . . Just got to go buy some needles. 🙂

a few more sewing clothing attempts

Can’t get enough skirts lately! Found this one on pinterest . . . it’s another Paperbag Skirt tutorial. I used quilting cotton and I’m not sure how I feel about it. It wrinkles really easily. I need to get acquainted with other clothing fabric options. I do like the shape and the feel of this skirt though and it was pretty easy to make. Oh! And a very successful side zipper installation on this one! No elastic! Woo hoo!

Paper Bag Skirt

I saw this one hour dress quite some time ago, but it was when I was still scared of jersey. I tried this one out at the sewcial awhile back. I must say, it didn’t go quite as planned. I had the kinda happy accident of making the neckline too big. Oops. Luckily it kinda looks intentional. I like the off the shoulder look. Unluckily it is a bit too short, so it’s more of a tunic than a dress. I was hoping to achieve a look like this with the navy dress, mustard tights, boots and cardi for fall but I might have fallen a little short (ha, pun intended).

One Hour Tunic Dress

Another pinterest find here. I stole one (actually two) of my husbands undershirts (sorry honey, I’ll buy you more) and actually made this one twice. Once it was a little too short. . . the way the tutorial goes, you cut of the bottom of the shirt to make the ruffle. I have a long torso. It was too short. So I used my short shirt to make the ruffle from its bottom and then just took in and cut the arm off another shirt. Kinda a fun look.

White Shirt Refashion

Hmm and I had one more easy shirt to show you but it seems as if that picture has been deleted! To be continued. . .

kiddo and baby sewing

I told you I would show you some of the details of the items I made at the sewcial retreat, so here we go! One of the items that people commented on most were the dresses I made for two flower girls. If I had been thinking, I would have snapped a couple pictures of the girls wearing the dresses because the wedding was yesterday afternoon! These pillowcase dresses were inspired from this dress here. I used kona cotton ‘grass’ and some brown damask fabric that we found at JoAnn’s.

flower girl dresses

From an Igloo’s dinosaur hat has been on my ‘to sew’ list since last winter. I finally got around to it at the last sewcial! Looks like Jude has a new winter hat for this year – good timing to go with his dinosaur fascination.

Dino Hat

He’s pretty cute in it, isn’t he?

My little dinosaur

My good friends are still having babies! These sets were for two of my landscape architecture classmates from college! I finished two new mama survival kits while I was at the sewcial retreat as well. Pretend like they are ironed. 🙂

The first is Patty Young, Flora and Fauna, Dandelion in Stone and Michael Miller, Citron Gray, Spa Scallop in Citron.

Sling Nursing Cover

Bibs and Burp Rags

This set is Free Spirit, Designer Beads, Beads in Apple and Patricia Bravo, Modern Affair, Royale in Sea Foam.

Sling Nursing Cover

Bibs and Burp Rags

And don’t worry, I did end up sewing a couple of things for me! That’s up in the next post. 🙂

Another ‘Sew’cial Getaway: Summer 2011

I’d say the second sewcial getaway was quite a success (read about the first here). Ah, so much fun. This is just a quick recap of our weekend at the Wimberly Quilt Ranch! First off, it was such a fun house – the work room was amazing. Huge cutting table at the right height, walls to stick your quilts (or other crafty projects) on, great natural lighting, the craziest animatronic irons I’ve ever used. . .

The workroom

Throughout the house there were many handmade items – including some Texas quilts. The one on the left was quilted with stars – how appropriate!

Texas quilt Another Texas Quilt

The backyard was so beautiful in morning light. I love the sun shining through those gnarled live oaks onto those red chairs. It was a LITTLE too warm to spend time out there, but I admired it from the screened in patio in the mornings.

The backyard

Do you see those little spools of thread as lights? It’s all in the details. . .

The screened in porch

One of the bigger projects I set to work on was sorting all the fabrics my scrap bin. As you can see, I let the collection get a little out of hand.

Before - scraps

But I tackled it! I have some scrap buster projects in mind to use some of these great scraps!

After - scraps

And here’s a quick snapshot of the projects that I worked on this weekend. Two dresses for myself, two flower girl dresses for a friend’s wedding, a dino hat for Jude, two new mama sets and a tote bag. I will do better write up of them when I take some better pictures of the projects individually. 🙂

Completed projects. . .

Thanks ladies for such a great time – I always enjoy sewing with you! And I can’t wait to do it again. Good food, good music, good conversation all while sewing. It’s perfect!