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(k)need for knitting

Just because I’m typing it, it will be 100 by the end of the week. I know it. But things have finally cooled off a bit. That makes me want to start playing with yarn again, and in fact, I picked up my knitting needles last week. Last year I started on a couple of projects to try and teach myself how to knit – the most successful being the honey cowl. And I’ve made some progress on it which is building my confidence.

Honey Cowl Progress

And then a friend posted her list of things to knit for the winter. Oh my. I felt really inspired and went and revisited my yarn pinterest board. Isn’t this top beautiful? Maybe someday my knitting skills will be up to par.


Something simpler? That yarn looks really fine which makes me nervous. But how cute are those color blocked arm warmers.

Source: via Beth on Pinterest


Can you even stand those scallops? I love those colors.

Source: via Beth on Pinterest


And I would love to make a little something for the boy. This sweater totally caught my eye to the point that I went out and bought some yarn for it. I’ve been practicing my stitches on the fingerling weight yarn and I’m not very good with such a fine weight. Yet. More practice is needed. And the pattern is in Dannish. . . but with the power of Google translate . . . and my friend to help me knit through, you may see something that looks like a garment come off my needles, hoping by the end of the year.

Source: via Beth on Pinterest


Of course, I can’t get away without doing some crochet. I bought the pattern for these leg warmers awhile back and will be hooking them up soon. They look pretty simple to do and I’m looking forward to having some fun colors peeking out of my boot tops!

Source: via Beth on Pinterest

What are you working on if you knit or crochet?

new sponsor:

I wanted to let you guys know that I have a new sponsor! Please help me welcome Pattern Spot to think liz!

Pattern Spot offers lots of downloadable patterns for you to buy at a very fair price. And if you design your own patterns, you can find a place to upload and sell them here. I have my eye on this beautiful houndstooth quilt pattern. It may have to make an appearance in Jude’s room once we move.

Also, if you sign up to their eNewsletter you can get 20% off on one of their patterns, houndstooth quilt pattern, here I come!


bit by the yarn bug

I can’t seem to get enough crochet these days. I guess it’s because the weather is finally cooling down and I can tote these projects with me wherever I go.

I finished my scarf! I love the crocodile stitch. It looks so complicated! And how funny that it kinda looks like fall in this picture. The red leaves behind me are actually dead red tipped photinia. We’ll just pretend that we get fall color in Austin, right? Right.

crocodile scarf

I even love the way the back looks. Very interesting.

crocodile scarf

It ended up a little too wide and a bit too short, but that’s why I’m keeping this guy for myself. I added tassels but I think I might take them off. Not sure I’m feeling it.

crocodile scarf

In fact, I loved this stitch so much, I crocheted up another one as a birthday gift for a scarf-loving friend. I skinnied it up and made it longer. I used the Stitch Nation yarn by Debbie Stoller once more in ‘full ‘o sheep’ in Thyme, ‘bamboo ewe’ in sprout and ‘washable ewe’ in kitten. Love that grey kitten color with practically any other colors.

green crocodile scarf

It’s so cute bundled up and ready to be given away! I did toy with the idea of making these to sell but they just take too long to make. I would have to charge over $100 per scarf which seems so silly to me (although Anthropologie doesn’t seem to have a problem doing that . . . hmm . . ).

green crocodile scarf

And because my fingers were still itching to crochet, I made this little newborn cluster hat for a friend that is having a little girl in December. I am so not good at girly colors but I do love yellow and grey (there’s that kitten color again and I had just enough honeycomb to make a four petaled flower), and the flower makes it girly, right? I love this cluster stitch and I can’t believe that a simple slip stitch makes that awesome ribbing on the bottom of the hat. It only took about an hour to make! I am going to have to make an adult sized one of these for myself!

newborn cluster hat

Got a couple other yarny project planned in the next couple of weeks. Anyone have any good patterns they think I should know about? What are you crafting lately?

Free Sewing Patterns

So, I have again added another page. The Free Sewing Patterns page. It seems a lot of beginning seamsters are looking for cheap ways to exercise their new hobbie (myself included). I have stumbled apon quite a few free patterns and thought I would share, and hope that you would share as well. So browse on over there and leave me some comments about free patterns you have found that I don’t have listed!