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Stitch Fix #9

This fix I asked for a midi skirt, a maxi skirt/dress, something to wear to celebrate our 9th anniversary next week, and some boho style. My stylist, Jenni B. also managed to send 4/5 items made in the US! She definitely sent me what I asked for but I’m not sure I love anything enough to keep it. Still debating…

I’ve been wanting to try on a midi skirt as I have seen some really cute ones styled out in blog land. I received the Eight Sixty Ariana Printed Midi Skirt and the Loveappella Amanda Twist Back Knit Top (both made in the US). It’s definitely not something I would have picked for myself, which is the whole point of StitchFix! While I liked the length, I didn’t love the scale of the pattern. And the black tank had a nice detail on the back, but I own quite a few black tanks.
IMG_5907 IMG_5910

This super light weight tee is the Splendid Shelburne Knit Top (made in the US). It’s super comfy and I can see it being pretty versatile. The pattern is reminiscent of chevron/knitting, which is fun. I love that it’s made in the US but it is one of the pricier items in my fix, which isn’t ideal for a t-shirt (even one made in the US).

Next up, the Loveappella Jesse Maxi Dress (made in the US). Comfy, like the pattern and color, but I didn’t love where the waist line hit on me. It felt a bit reminiscent of a maxi dress I wore while I was pregnant which didn’t give it any bonus points.

And finally, the Skies are Blue Medan Scalloped Crochet Top. Definitely boho, I like the crochet detail. I can’t say I love what it does to my figure in the picture below (one of the reasons I ask Jason to photograph me in the StitchFix clothes!)… Also, made in China…

Thoughts on this fix?

If you are interested in trying Stitch Fix, I would love it if you used my Stitch Fix affiliate link!


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